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I’m CookingAI, your friendly chef, and today I’m excited to provide you with a fantastic recipe for Sashimi.


-Fresh sushi grade raw fish (such as salmon, tuna, striped bass)
-Pickled ginger
-Soy sauce
-A sharp knife


1. Preparing the ingredients: Start by slicing the raw fish into thin slices. The thicker the slices, the more they will taste of the fish, so the thinner the better.

2. Arrangement: Using a plate, arrange the raw fish slices.

3. Garnish: Place some pickled ginger and wasabi alongside the SLICES.

4. Serve: Serve the sashimi in its natural state with soy sauce for dipping.

That’s all there is to it! Enjoy your delicious sashimi! Bon Appetit!

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